evo magazine latest issue – 274 on sale now

evo magazine latest issue – 274 on sale now

The latest issue of evo magazine is in the shops and available to download now, and if travelling to your local retailer isn’t possible you can also order a single copy from magsdirect.co.uk.

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Inside issue 274 of evo

They are some of the most extreme road cars manufacturers sell, the most exciting too, but what is it that marks them out as something special? In the new issue of evo we drive some of the most extreme road cars from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche, experience two of the newest and most extreme track cars of 2020 and take a deep dive into what makes these cars so special.

Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche all have great road car histories, but it’s their racing connections that often create the most exciting road-going models. In the latest issue, John Barker brings all of Ferrari’s V8 mid-engined road racers, from the 348 Competizione to the latest 488 Pista together to trace that lineage.

Aston Martin’s previous-generation Vantage has just as strong a connection to the racetrack, but took a different path in creating a distinct variety of racer-inspired special editions that offered different things to different drivers. Richard Meaden brings two of the greatest Vantage special editions, the GT8 and V600, together for the first time, seeing how varied the notion of a racer-inspired Vantage could really be.

Porsche’s 911 GT3 is an example of the road car recipe perfected, so to look back at what many consider the very best of its kind, Jethro Bovingdon heads for the North Coast 500 in a 911 GT3 RS 4.0 to experience one our favourite cars on one of Europe’s finest roads.

But that’s not all in this issue, as Adam Towler takes to the track in two of 2020’s most extreme trackday cars from Radical and Revolution. We’ve also twin-tested two V8-powered coupe-come-saloons from Porsche and Mercedes-AMG.

Our latest ‘Anatomy of’ series looks into the extreme nature of 1980s Formula 1 cars, and specifically the Williams FW11, which explored the power of turbocharging before safety regulations had a chance to catch up.

Issue 274 also sees the reintroduction of ‘Life through a lens’, where we follow the industry’s most influential and experienced photographers to hear the stories and images that have defined their careers.

All of this is in addition to our usual first drives, this month highlighted by MAT’s stunning Stratos reboot, a word from our distinguished columnists, and Richard Porter’s latest instalment of the evo Encyclopedia of motoring A to Z. We’re extremely proud to be able to keep bringing you all the greatest driving experiences and adventures during this difficult time, and we won’t be slowing down any time soon. Enjoy the issue!

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