Vintage Video: Careening Corvairs and K-Cars

I love old crappy cars. I love watching drivers perform feats of derring-do. And if I can find a film that combines both, I’m in heaven. Today, I found two!

The Corvair in Action (1960)

It’s possible you’ve seen this already, as it’s probably one of the better-known classic car videos on YouTube—a demo piece from Chevrolet intended to show the world just how tough its new rear-engine Corvair was. The scene of the hapless Corvair rolling over has been widely seen out of context—truth was, the car was rigged to roll, as the film explains—but there is far more entertaining stuff in this video.

This short film starts out sedately enough, with beauty shots, tepid footage from Lime Rock and a slalom course marked with a big banner that says “HANDLING”. My favorite bit from this section is when the announcer urges you to “watch how the Corvair stays

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2020 Audi A6 Allroad Quattro: Wagon Fever

LOS ANGELES—Certain vehicles infect drivers with a sense of “right-car syndrome,” where the model in question is so good at what it’s meant to do, it always feels like the correct car for the occasion. Think Porsche 911, Volkswagen GTI, Mazda Miata, and Jeep Wrangler. One week behind the wheel of the 2020 Audi A6 Allroad Quattro supplied that feeling of satisfaction as I navigated the Los Angeles area in a Soho Brown Metallic example of the tall station wagon.

2020 Audi A6 Allroad Quattro Test: Drive Modes for All Roads

Perhaps the most satisfying, enjoyable feature of the 2020 Audi A6 Allroad Quattro we tested is its adjustable air suspension, controlled via the drive-mode selector toggle buttons on the lower infotainment display. A driver can choose one of six settings listed in order of most off-road capable to most on-road suited: Offroad, Allroad, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, and Individual.

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Fiat-Based Ram 700 Would Make an Awesome Hyundai Santa Cruz Competitor

While Ram has yet to announce a smaller pickup for the United States (although a rebirth of the Dakota has been long-rumored), the brand is moving forward with a new generation of its 700 compact pickup, which it sells in the likes of Mexico. Why 700 and not 750 (exactly half of 1500)? We’re sure Ram has its reasons. Name aside, we wouldn’t mind seeing something like the little Ram 700 in the U.S.



Based on the Fiat Strada (another trucklet you’ve probably never heard of), the 700 is only 176 inches long and 69 inches wide, making it two inches shorter and one inch narrower than a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. Ram will sell the 700 in three trims, too: SLT, Bighorn, and Laramie.

SLT trimmed trucks will come in either a single or double cab body styles, while the Bighorn and Laramie models … Read more

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2021 BMW 128ti Resurrects Vaunted “ti” Badge In a Hot Hatchback Wrapper

BMW just fully revealed what might be its most desirable compact car in some time, the 2021 BMW 128ti. (It previewed the new hot hatch earlier this year.) The 128ti may only be the second-rowdiest BMW in the 1-Series lineup next to the more powerful, all-wheel-drive M135i xDrive, but it may just be the one to buy—provided you live where it’s sold. The 128ti promises to be more affordable, almost like a BMW-badged Volkswagen GTI, but with BMW’s vaunted ti heritage behind it.

The ti, or “touring international,” badge hasn’t been used on a BMW in 15 years. The last time it appeared was on a variant of the E46-generation 3 Series—that’s more than two entire 3 Series generations ago. But, hey, no worries—ti is back and looking to have a little fun with the BMW 1 Series that isn’t sold here in America. The 128ti packs

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Love Is More Than Just Numbers

LOS ANGELES—Bench racing is a huge component of being a car enthusiast, for better or worse. Yes, it’s usually fun to rattle off a bunch of statistics to “prove” one car is better than another, but it disregards one hugely important reality: Numbers often don’t tell the whole story of what it’s like to drive and experience any given sports car. Sometimes the specs line up with the best car in a given segment, but in other cases a car with less power can deliver that special something that can stir an enthusiast’s heart. The stunning 2019 Maserati GranTurismo Sport Convertible we tested recently is a perfect example.

The 2019 Maserati GranTurismo Sport Convertible is neither the fastest nor the newest model in its segment, but it features a Ferrari-derived engine and a set of exhaust pipes that could wake the heavens. We spent a week behind the wheel

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