BaT Buys: This Week’s Round-up of Bring a Trailer Auctions

The popular online collector car auction site Bring a Trailer (commonly abbreviated BaT) has been growing steadily through the past few years and with traditional, in-person auctions effectively canceled for the foreseeable future, BaT still ran dozens of very real cars across the virtual block this week. With most of the big-name auction houses ill-equipped to offer online sales (RM Sotheby’s being an exception), BaT will be the dominant source of market results, at least within the United States.

Here are some of our favorite BaT lots from this week. Please note that all “Sold” results include BaT’s 5-percent buyer’s premium, up to its self-imposed $5,000 maximum.

2009 Audi R8 Coupe

Sold: $61,950

First-generation Audi R8s are cars we hear a lot of questions about, particularly in regard to what they’re worth now that Audi is years into production of its second-gen model. The premise of the R8 was that … Read more

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Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition Sunsets the Brand’s Steel Chassis

Morgan managed to squeeze out only four copies of the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition before shutting down its U.K. factory over mounting coronavirus concerns. A total of 20 vehicles will eventually be made, all featuring special badges, a gold-painted chassis, and slick Platinum metallic paint—a nod to the 70-years-young Plus 4 nameplate’s platinum anniversary.

The special edition marks the end of Plus 4 production, and thus the end of the line for Morgan’s steel chassis. That chassis has been in production for a very long time, since the Morgan 4-4 first came out in 1936. When we drove the Morgan Plus 4 earlier this year, we praised its 154-hp 2.0-liter Ford Duratec four-cylinder. The engine, usually relegated to basic-transportation cars like the Ford Focus, feels rev-happy and energetic in the lightweight Morgan. Adding to the car’s character is its tactile handling, its smooth-shifting five-speed manual borrowed from an early-gen … Read more

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2020 Land Rover Defender 110 First Drive Proves Land Rover Got it Right

OPUWO, NamibiaSkeleton Coast National Park is a devil of a place for a truck. Desolate, expansive, and mercilessly whipped by the elements, these 6,200 square miles along Namibia’s western coast play home to troops of baboons and towers of giraffes, but nary a native SUV. Our herd of 2021 Land Rover Defender 110s explores these un-peopled parts with Government permission, but not without taking numerous precautions: a radio-linked convoy, redundant two-way GPS tracking, and a team of medics and mechanics armed with spare wheels, tires, and laptops. Just in case.

Land Rover long conceived of the Defender as a just in case sort of conveyance; as evidence, see bone-crushing Camel Trophy competitions of yesteryear in similarly forbidding environments. But the times they have a-changed, with today’s SUVs offering a plethora of soft roaders and only a handful of truly rugged, off-road-capable vehicles.



Land Rover Defender

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