Wait a Minute, Doc—Are You Telling Me I Can Build a Playmobil DeLorean?

I was a Lego kid. I relished the challenge of assembling each set by the (instruction) book, then tearing it down and building something of my own design. When I got bored with that, the pieces would join the others in my collection—a constantly growing parts bin from which I could craft anything I could imagine. But I realize that isn’t for everyone, and for some, they just want to play with their new toy right out the box. That’s one reason behind Playmobil’s existence and success, and how it has managed to score licenses for some of the most iconic movie cars ever—which even I have to admit are pretty slick-looking in toy form.

One thing Playmobil has been known for is its attention to detail, and it nailed that with its Back to the Future DeLorean time machine. Sure, Doc and Marty are just Playmobil’s standard … Read more

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