Car pictures of the week

Car pictures of the week

It feels an age since the days were long and ambient temperatures occasionally popped into double digits, so what better time to go back to mid-August when we shot the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe and our long-term Audi RS7 together on a 30-degree summer day. This shoot first featured in our Fast Fleet section in issue 280, but for this week’s gallery we’ve got some of the superb images that didn’t make it into print. 

The shoot itself was fairly routine. Resident evo snapper Aston Parrott was running around in our Fast Fleet RS7 after lending his more practical Passat estate to dep ed Adam Towler for a summer holidays camping trip. It was planned that we’d meet up, me in a BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe for a shoot around roads local to evo Towers 2.0. 

As is usually the case, Aston began with some statics while the cars were still clean from a wash earlier that morning, but given the radiant temperature of over 30 degrees, these two hot-V V8s sure lived up to their name, running their cooling fans full-chat while at maneuvering speeds. 

Fronts, rears and details in the bag, it was time for some panning shots, which generally involves photographers like Aston crouching in hedges at the roadside while we lucky drivers sit in the air-conditioned and, in this case, extremely plush interiors of our two six-figure super saloon-come-coupes. 

It’s quite tricky to make cars look dynamic on the road, but often a bit of body movement can help exaggerate the impression of speed without going too fast. In the RS7’s case, comfort mode proved extremely malleable, allowing the car to move about without breaking the limit. 

After returning from a particularly sharp downhill section to meet Aston, we peer into the back of the camera and see the front wheel of the Audi very nearly off the road in the last cornering shot. Madness. 

The BMW was more difficult to make lean at lower speeds. Its coil-springs are stiffer with less travel, it’s more composed yet feels bigger on the road, like you’re constantly avoiding skimming road-side hedges and cat’s eyes at the same time.  

By late afternoon Stuart arrives, we wrap up a few last car-to-car tracking shots and twin-pans on the road before heading home with plenty of light to spare, such is the luxury of shooting cars over the summer months. 

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