​Lister Stealth previewed – a 666bhp Jaguar F-Pace

​Lister Stealth previewed – a 666bhp Jaguar F-Pace

Lister Motor Company has once again previewed its take on a modified Jaguar F-Pace SUV. Having previously announced the intention of it being the world’s fastest SUV, Lister has now confirmed a 666bhp power figure and officially christened it as the Lister Stealth.

It’ll be based on the already brisk F-Pace SVR, and share that car’s basic chassis, powertrain and bodywork, but incorporate a set of mechanical upgrades familiar from the F-type-based LFT-666. Power has now been confirmed at 666bhp, up from the standard SVR’s 542bhp, which is generated via the venerable (or is that vulnerable in 2020?) supercharged 5-litre V8. Lister’s previously confirmed it’ll be aiming for a 0-62mph time of under 3.5sec, and the magic 200mph top speed – hence its claim as the world’s fastest SUV

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> Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Lister’s computer-generated teaser clip also gives us a glimpse of the Stealth’s, um, stealthy new look, complementing the F-Pace’s already sleek body with new carbonfibre elements around the front splitter and rear valance. Also new are the wheels, which feature a similar design to that seen on the LFT-666, rather than the set that were shown on the initial renders which looked curiously similar to those from a Lamborghini Urus.

Speaking of the Urus, the Lister Stealth’s figures do indeed compare favourably to the Lambo which currently stands as the SUV Lister needs to beat to get the world’s fastest SUV title. The Lambo is nearly 30bhp down with 641bhp, 0.1sec slower to 62mph at 3.6sec, and crucially some 11mph down at a meagre 189mph top speed. Jeep’s more powerful Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk also boasts some impressive numbers, producing 697bhp from its supercharged Hemi V8, but thanks to its armoire-like aerodynamics (and underpinnings, let’s be honest) tops out at a mere 180mph.

Lister has released a vague price, with the Stealth expected to cost somewhere around £140k when it finally reaches customers. Not too bad against the Lamborghini’s £165k starting price, but quite a lot when you consider that is over £100k more than an entry-level F-Pace.

Lister MD Lawrence Whittaker is quietly bullish that the new SUV will make good on the ‘fastest SUV’ claim. That said, the British marque has stopped short of qualifying exactly what it means by ‘fastest’, so whether this means acceleration, top speed or quickest over a quarter-mile is currently unknown.

When questioned about future products to follow the Thunder and the SUV, Lister did not rule out more Jaguar-based models. This news should come as no surprise, as the company received deposits for 22 of its limited run of Thunders within the first 24 hours of the order book opening.